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A Digital App for you to Partner with Your Clinical Team During Your Cancer Treatment

ApricityCare is an easy App to use. By answering a few simple questions once a day, you will keep your clinical team informed about your health status and symptoms so they can detect any complications early, and continually optimize your treatment. 

You’ll gain peace of mind — knowing that your team is not only reviewing your status every day, but also integrating your information with the latest medical advances to optimize your treatment with expert knowledge.

How to Get Started

Share this information with your doctor and ask them to sign up for ApricityCare. If you wish to learn more contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s an easy App that you use to report your daily health status and symptoms to your clinical team. With this data, your clinical team will proactively monitor your condition to more precisely manage your treatment.

ApricityCare gives you peace of mind. You know that your daily reports are helping your team detect complications early so they can optimize your care.

ApricityCare is free for patients. It is part of a complete digital solution for your oncology care teams. (See ApricityOncology)

You can enter your data using a smartphone, a tablet, or your computer browser.

Share this website with your doctor and ask if they can sign you up for ApricityCare. If you wish to learn more Contact Us.

Yes, there will be functionality in the App where you can create a delegate account.

ApricityCare was developed by a team of renowned scientists who are passionate about improving cancer care for all patients. Read more about them here.

Read more about our advisors here.

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75% of all cancer patients are treated in their own communities, and we want to partner with their local clinical teams to deliver the best care possible.