Equitable Access to Better Care

We are a knowledge company that harnesses technologies to capture, synthesize and disseminate expertise and best practices.
Our mission is to democratize evidence-based care to all patients, starting with immuno-oncology.
Our vision is a future of equitable access to quality healthcare for all, no matter where and who they are.
Our strategy is to translate human expertise into companion digital therapeutics that will.

  • Prevent unnecessary pain and suffering by detecting, managing and predicting therapy-related toxicities early and proactively intervene precisely
  • Disseminate best practices by empowering practicing oncologists with knowledge of subspecialty experts
  • Learn from every patient by aggregating and mining real-world high-resolution efficacy and toxicity data to inform the development of better therapies and safer combinations

News Flash

Apricity founding advisor Jim Allison awarded 2018 Nobel Prize for Immuno-Oncology Therapy