Our Team

Raphael Chancey, Apricity Health

Raphael Chancey


Raphael Chancey has a long track record of leading multidisciplinary teams to develop technologies for transformational uses. Prior to joining Apricity, he was the Director of IBM Watson Innovation Labs in Austin, TX where he was responsible for researching, innovating and advancing various cognitive and AI technologies for Watson. Recently he led his team to conceive and create an embodied cognition platform called Intu that prototyped Watson as the brain/intelligence of Robots. Before his involvement with Watson Labs, he was the Chief Architect for BPO . . .

. . . Accelerators that focused on developing cloud-based deployment patterns bundling IBM Products that seamlessly scaled to production level environments. He had also led a global SOA Advanced Technology team that focused on building enterprise class solutions, applications and tooling across various industries. He has filed over 20 patents and served in the United States Army as a Combat Engineer.

Jon Brilliant


Jon Brilliant was a co-Founder and the CFO of Bigfoot Biomedical, a Silicon Valley-based company focused on reducing the burden of living with insulin-requiring diabetes and to maximize the leverage of health care providers through data, connectivity, automation, and artificial intelligence. Prior to Bigfoot, Jon was a founding Board member and CFO of WellDoc, the pioneer in digital health founded in 2005 – first mobile app cleared by FDA, prescribed by physicians and reimbursed by payers. Over the years, Jon has been a board member . . .

. . . and/or strategic financial advisor to the Merck Global Health Innovation Fund, one of the leading venture funds in digital health, and many digital health companies ranging from pain management, mindfulness, schedule optimization, mental health, and substance use disorder.

Richard Lyle

Chief Engineer

Richard Lyle worked for over 22 years in the game industry. In that period of time, he was involved in the development of 13 published commercial products for XBOX, PC, PlayStation, iOS, Android, and 3DO. He started programming at the age of 13 and submitted his first game for publication at the age of 17. He founded his own game company, Palestar, in 1999, and successfully developed and published one of the first generation of massively multiplayer games in 2001. In 2016 he joined the IBM innovation lab where he was the lead developer for . . .

. . . “Project Intu”, a cognitive embodiment middle-ware for AI, working hand in hand with the legendary Grady Booch, an icon in the field of computer science. Richard has multiple patents in the field of artificial intelligence.

Rick Mohan

Director of Operations and Compliance Support

Rick Mohan is a video game industry veteran of over 17 years spanning across both North America and Asia. Having developed and operated some of the longest running massively multiplayer online games to date with as many as 35 million active subscribers, he knows large scale complex customer focused products. He also started his own studio building a DRM digital distribution platform which spanned Greater South Asia which was acquired 5 years later, prompting his return to the states.