Raphael Chancey

Chief Technology Officer

Raphael Chancey has a long track record of leading multidisciplinary teams to develop technologies for transformational uses. Prior to joining Apricity, he was the Director of IBM Watson Innovation Labs in Austin, TX where he was responsible for researching, innovating and advancing various cognitive and AI technologies for Watson. Recently he led his team to conceive and create an embodied cognition platform called Intu that prototyped Watson as the brain/intelligence of Robots. Before his involvement with Watson Labs, he was the Chief Architect for BPO Accelerators that focused on developing cloud-based deployment patterns bundling IBM Products that seamlessly scaled to production level environments.

He had also led a global SOA Advanced Technology team that focused on building enterprise class solutions, applications and tooling across various industries. He has filed over 20 patents and served in the United States Army as a Combat Engineer.

Lynda Chin, MD, Apricity Health

Lynda Chin, MD