ApricityOncology™ Digital Therapeutics

Immuno-oncology(IO) therapy has become a therapeutic pillar in cancer care. Unfortunately, Immune-related adverse events (irAEs) are constraining the potential of IO therapy in cancer:

  • irAE are common, especially when used in combination.
  • irAE can be severe and potentially fatal.
  • IrAE presentation is heterogeneous and unpredictable
  • Most practicing oncologists do not have the resource to monitor irAE proactively nor the experience to manage it optimally
  • Delayed recognition and suboptimal management of irAEs increases total cost of care, making IO therapy less affordable, limiting benefits to patients

Early detection and treatment of irAEs will improve quality of life and health outcome, in addition to lowering the total cost of care for cancer patients on IO therapy.

Apricity Health is developing ApricityOncology™, a companion digital therapeutics to IO therapy. It enables:

  • Frequent monitoring to facilitate earlier detection of irAEs at lower severity grades
  • Sharing of knowledge and expertise to support better management of irAEs
  • Capture of longitudinal patient-generated health data (PGHD) and patient-reported outcome (PRO) data on toxicity and efficacy in standard-of-care populations.