Peter C. Bahrs, PhD

Formerly IBM

Dr. Bahrs is an expert in machine learning, artificial intelligence, smart cameras and cloud systems. For 27 years, Dr. Bahrs was IBM’s Chief Technology Officer, Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor and award winning member of the IBM Academy of Technology. He grew a business from a team of 5 based in Austin, Texas, to a world wide $700m/year organization consisting of 3000 technical experts responsible for delivering projects in mobile apps, enterprise integration, and platform migration. Dr. Bahrs was the Red Team review leader for IBM for 10 years. He led large scale projects in banking, healthcare, retail, government, defense, and insurance in the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, and Italy. Dr. Bahrs holds 27 US Patents.

Dr. Bahrs received a BS, MS and PhD in Computer Science at the University of Louisiana’s Center for Advanced Computer Studies. He worked as a lab manager, NASA Research Assistant and Landmark Graphics Research Assistant. While in graduate school, Dr. Bahrs wrote the petroleum industry’s first Windows based application for well penetration and production for Resource Technology Group. Dr. Bahrs PhD was on heterogeneous parallel graphics systems.

Nina Bhardwaj, Apricity Health

Nina Bhardwaj, MD/PhD